Afterlife Research

Materialism, the currently dominant belief system in the West, declares that all that exists, including consciousness, is based in physical matter. So from the materialist perspective the notion of an "afterlife" -- a conscious existence apart from the physical body and brain -- makes no sense at all. But as the history of science has repeatedly demonstrated, one should never be too dogmatic about what does or doesn't make sense.


Research into the so-called afterlife is multifaceted. It includes scientific (nonreligious) inquiry into various classes of evidence suggesting that what we call our "being" -- our mind, consciousness, "soul" or "essence" -- does exist independently of the physical body and brain, and that it makes periodic excursions into biological incarnation. These fields of inquiry include the near-death experience (NDE), the out-of-body experience (OBE), reincarnation studies, between-lives studies, meditation studies, and various modes of veridical communication with the deceased. 


Though quantum physics may provide a bridge between materialist science and advanced consciousness research, to date there is no generally accepted theoretical framework for these studies within the Western worldview. But empirical science (the gathering and organizing of observations and evidence) precedes theory, so first things first.


A feature documentary about communication with the "other side" through modern electronic technology. 


Does the mind exist independently of the brain? If it does, it can obviously interact with the brain. If it can do that, can it also interact with sensitive electronic equipment after the body dies? Watch this film and see what you think.


A feature documentary on The Scole Experiment -- one of the most definitive demonstrations of "life after death" ever attempted. Conducted in the late 1990s in the tiny English village of Scole, this astonishing experiment in "physical mediumship" was closely monitored by a team of critical investigators and witnessed by hundreds of visitors and skeptical scientists. No evidence of hoaxing or fraud was ever found.



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